Push Notifications

Push Notifications


Once your application is published on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, you’ll be able to send push notifications to your customers.


First click on the Push feature. This will appear:

appbeaver push notifications 1


Then, you have to click on the appbeaver push notifications 2, to create a new Push message. This will appear:

appbeaver push notifications 3


Now, enter your message and click on appbeaver push notifications 4. Once you have clicked, this will appear

Next you will select whether to send your notification to all of your users or just hose with in a specific geographic area.

appbeaver push notifications 5

Example1: Send a notification to all   users

Select “Send to all my users” and then click on . This will appear:

appbeaver push notifications 7

This option allows you to select when you want your message to be transmitted

If you select “on a specific date” a calendar will appear

appbeaver push notifications 8

Choose the day and hour you want your notification to be sent. Then click on “Done” to validate your choice.

Finally click on OK to validate your notification. Your notification will be sent at the moment you choose.


Example 2:

Sending a geolocation notification

If you want to send a geolocation notification, click on “Send to a specific location”.

This option enables you to only target people who are in a specific area. Once you click, this screen will appear:

appbeaver push notifications 9

Enter an address, next determine a radius (in Kilometers)

appbeaver push notifications 10

Once you have done that, click on push note image to go to the next step.

appbeaver push notifications 12

Just as in the previous example you can select the date and time of your notification.


Example 3: Send a geolocation notification to users in an area and those that will enter the area during a specific time.

To send this type of notification follow the same steps as in Example 2. Then when “Additional Information” screen appears, click on “for a limited period”.

appbeaver push notifications 13


Once again a calendar appears:

appbeaver push notifications 14

Select the date and time for your notification and click OK and your message will be sent