The coupon feature allows you to create as many coupons you want and display them within your app.

Here are examples of the elements of the discount feature:

  • Title: “One free Pizza”, keep it short and simple
  • Description: “One free Large Pizza of your choice”
  • Conditions: for example : “Available with the purchase of any other Large Pizza”
  • If you want to make this a one time offer select the “Can only be used once” The text “Can only be used once” will automatically appear in the body of the coupon if you select this
  • Expiration date: select a date from the pop up calendar or you may select the unlimited option if you don’t want an expiration

appbeaver coupon


To enter a new discount, click on appbeaver push notifications 2 and repeat the process.


Creating coupons for your business will help to drive your loyal engaged customers to increase their purchase frequency. Coupons can be limited to certain times and amounts.